Documentation Centre in Paris, London and Copenhagen

Lively exchange on Political Islam with international scholars

Director Lisa Fellhofer and Deputy Head of Mission Wolfgang Wagner of the Austrian Embassy in Paris

In recent weeks, a delegation of the Austrian Fund for the Documentation of Religiously Motivated Political Extremism (Documentation Centre Political Islam) visited Paris, London and Copenhagen to network with international scholars and experts.

In Paris, the programme included a visit to the Austrian Embassy, where the delegation exchanged views with Deputy Head of Mission Wolfgang Wagner. The delegation also met Professor Gilles Kepel, President Macron’s Special Envoy for the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

Meetings with international scholars and institutions also took place in London and Copenhagen. In addition to general discussions about current findings in research on religiously motivated political extremism, pressing problems with Political Islam and questions of social polarisation were also discussed. Opportunities and possibilities for preventing radicalisation and possible future cooperation in various areas between the researchers and the Documentation Centre for Political Islam were also topics of the meetings.

Lisa Fellhofer, Director of the Documentation Centre, is pleased about the Europe-wide exchange: “In the various meetings, not only were commonalities and different approaches in dealing with Political Islam discussed, but they also demonstrated the relevance of our work. I am pleased that the activities of the Documentation Centre are also being positively received internationally.”

At a two-day international conference on “Islamism after the Arab Spring” organised by the Documentation Centre Political Islam at the end of June, the international exchange will be further expanded. Scholars from several international universities and organisations have already confirmed their participation. In a total of six panels, research results on various aspects of political Islam after the Arab Spring will be presented and current developments debated. Under the name “Conference on Extremism and Radicalisation Austria” (CERA), further conferences are to follow in the coming years.

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