Successful conference on “Islamism after the Arab Spring” in Vienna

Under the title “Islamism after the Arab Spring”, a broad range of topics was discussed on 29 and 30 June, ranging from current trends in Turkey and developments in Saudi Arabia to movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist currents.

On both days, the Documentation Centre welcomed around 70 participants, including numerous guests from other European countries. One of the highlights of the conference was the Evening Address by Bernard Haykel, professor at Princeton University, who was broadcast live from Mangaluru in India and spoke about current developments in the field of Salafism. Other renowned experts included Mathias Rohe, Lorenzo Vidino, Peter Neumann, Birol Başkan, Joas Wagemakers, Elham Manea, Madawi al-Rasheed, Volker Beck and Nicolas Stockhammer. The conference was moderated by Constantin Schreiber.

The CERA conference series, which was launched with the conference, will continue to offer a platform for broad and interdisciplinary academic discourse in an international framework in the coming years.

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