Specialist article with DPI support: Salafism, Ummah and nation state

In the journal HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, Zoltan Pall from the Austrian Academy of Sciences has published an extensive article entitled "Can the umma replace the nation? Salafism, home-making and the territorial nation-state". The project was funded by the Documentation Centre for Political Islam, the Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore and the Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic Studies.

The article analyses Salafist movements that strive to create the ideal home for believers. Within this framework, an attempt is made to reinterpret the affiliation from the local and territorial to a deterritorialised and abstract space in the direction of the Ummah. These interpretations of Salafism bypass the nation state and aim to create a transnational Islamic identity. This strategy is traced using case studies from Cambodia and Lebanon.

External link: https://www.haujournal.org/index.php/hau/article/view/1826

External link: https://www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi/pdfplus/10.1086/729820(PDF)

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