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Expert Talk

The Expert Talks of the Documentation Centre can be watched in full at any time in the media library. Since 2021, the interview series has been running with experts from various fields, where different questions on the focus of Political Islam are answered. 

  • Lisa Fellhofer and Mouhanad Khorchide on the past focal points of the DPI

    The Documentation Centre for Political Islam takes a look back at the annual re-port in a final "Expert Talk" in 2023. DPI Director Lisa Fellhofer, together with the Chairman of the DPI's Scientific Advisory Board, Mouhanad Khorchide, will summarise the various focal points, publications and general issues in the field of activity. Among other things, reference is made to the example of the IVÖ, which shows how political Islam operates at community level.

  • Volker Beck about activities and rights of religious associations in Germany

    The "Expert Talk" series of the Documentation Centre Political Islam continues with the former German Member of Parliament and lecturer at the "Centrum für Religionswissenschaftliche Studien" Volker Beck. He talks about activities, constitutional issues, legal provisions and fundamental rights in relation to religious communities and Islamic associations. In addition, the sphere of influence of Turkey regarding turkish associations in Germany.

  • Jan-Markus Vömel on the development of the Turkish AKP

    The interview series “Expert Talk” of the Documentation Centre Political Islam is continued with Jan-Markus Vömel. The historian from the University of Konstanz informs about the development of the Turkish ruling party AKP, about the current alliance with the MHP as well as trends in Turkish domestic politics.

  • Birol Başkan on the Relationship between Turkey and “the West”

    This time Birol Başkan has his say as part of the video series “Expert Talk”. The Turkish political scientist from the Middle East Institute in Washington D.C. talks about the relationship of Turkish society to the “West”. In this context, he also discusses Islamist influences and Erdogan’s ruling party, the AKP.

  • Elham Manea on Salafism in Europe

    In the latest edition of the interview series “Expert Talk” Elham Manea talks about Salafist movements in Europe. The political scientist at the University of Zurich provides information about the spread and attractiveness of Salafism on the European continent as well as current developments in Saudi Arabia.

  • Mathias Rohe on issues of Rule of Law in the Context of Political Islam

    The Documentation Centre continues the interview series “Expert Talk” in 2023 with Mathias Rohe from the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. The jurist and legal academic provides answers to research-relevant questions, such as what options democracy and the rule of law have in dealing with Political Islam and how to counter radical ideologies.

  • Mouhanad Khorchide on Islamism and Narratives of Political Islam in Europe

    Mouhanad Khorchide: Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Documentation Centre

  • Sergio Altuna about structures of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe

    Sergio Altuna: Associate Analyst, Programme on Violent Radicalisation and Global Terrorism, Elcano Royal Institute, Madrid

  • Lorenzo Vidino about the European structures of the Muslim Brotherhood

    In the newest edition of the video-format Expert Talk, Lorenzo Vidino presents his findings on the personal, financial and institutional connections of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe.

  • Joas Wagemakers about the international dimension of the Muslim Brotherhood

    A new video format by the documentation centre lets experts and researchers present their findings. In the first edition, Joas Wagemakers of the University of Utrecht talks about the Muslim Brotherhood, its international iterations and the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Turkish Milli Görüs.