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Insights into Muslim Brotherhood milieus in German-speaking countries

New report by Lorenzo Vidino and Sergio Altuna documents the complexity of the MB through interviews

The documentation of several interviews with people who were active in the milieu of the Muslim Brotherhood in the past decades provides an insight into its dynamics and structures, some of which are extremely complex, especially in German-speaking countries. The documentation report thus makes a sound contribution to a better understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood, its networks and ideas.



The interview report can be downloaded here.

New analysis from Lorenzo Vidino and Sergio Altuna shows extensive network

A new study report published by the Documentation Centre Political Islam analyses the pan-European structures of the Muslim Brotherhood. The authors of the study Lorenzo Vidino (Director of the Program on Extremism, George Washington University) and Sergio Altuna (Elcano Royal Institute) show the clear interpersonal, financial and ideological connections of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe.

The Study report can be downloaded here.