The aim of the Austrian Fund for the documentation of religiously motivated political extremism (Documentation Centre Political Islam) is the scientific analysis of the phenomenon of religiously motivated political extremism, focusing on Political Islam, associated networks as well as formal and informal structures.

Political Islam, as defined by the Documentation Centre and its scientific advisory board, is an ideology of supremacy that aims at influencing or changing society, culture, state, policy, politics and/or polity according to such values and norms that are declared as Islamic by the actors of Political Islam, but are not shared by the majority of Muslims and are in clear contradiction to the rule of law, democracy and human rights.

The Documentation Centre conducts research and informs the broader public about its research results in order to strengthen pluralism, democratic awareness and freedom of religion all over Austria. To this end, the Documentation Centre publishes its research results on its website. Within the science-to-public approach the Documentation Centre started the the video format Expert Talk where experts and researchers present their findings.

Scientific Quality Control

The Documentation Centre pledges to adhere to the generally acknowledged standards and methods of scientific work. Amongst others the Documentation Centre ensures:

  • All research results are based on holistic, critical and objective analysis. Current standards, methods and theories are the basis for the research done by the Documentation Centre.
  • Research done by the Documentation Centre only uses open-source data.
  • Research Data is being handled and archived for ten years in accordance with the GDPR.