Documentation Centre on ORF: Turkey Election in Austria

Screenshot ORF.AT
Screenshot ORF.AT

The current reports of the Documentation Centre Political Islam (DPI) on Islamic-Turkish associations were a central topic in the ORF religion magazine “Orientierung” on the day of the Turkey election on 14 May 2023. The programme focused on the election campaign within Austria with over 100,000 voters of Turkish origin. DPI Director Lisa Fellhofer provided information in the programme about the contents and background of the publications on the UID (Union of International Democrats), Saadet Europe and the youth organisation AGD (Avrupa Gençlik Derneği). In addition, integration expert Kenan Güngör, who is a member of the Fund’s scientific advisory board and the Vienna Integration Council, was a guest in the studio.

Picture: ORF-Screenshot - The full report is available here (external link).

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