DPI report on the Dar al Janub association on ORF and Servus TV

Screenshot ORF.AT
Screenshot ORF.AT

Several media outlets reported on the new DPI Focus on the Dar al Janub association (Arabic for "House of the South") at the weekend, including various TV and radio news programmes in Austria. The ORF programmes "Zeit im Bild 1" and "Wien Heute" as well as "Servus Nachrichten" also addressed the group's problematic messages and links to Hamas, with DPI Director Lisa Fellhofer commenting on this.

ORF-ZIB-1 report: https://tvthek.orf.at/topic/Eskalation-im-Nahostkonflikt/13870068/ZIB-1/14203835/Naehe-zu-Hamas-Verein-aus-Wien-unter-Druck/15521890 

ORF-Wien-Heute report: https://tvthek.orf.at/profile/Wien-heute/70018/Wien-heute/14203889/Wiener-Verein-haelt-Verbindung-zu-Hamas/15521748 

Servus-Nachrichten report:https://www.servustv.com/aktuelles/v/aarecgmbdd3lar5drq9g/

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