Documentation Centre at the new research centre in Münster and at "Teach for Austria"

Foto: stock.adobe.com
Foto: stock.adobe.com

In April, the Documentation Centre for Political Islam (DPI) took part in a panel discussion as part of the opening of the new research centre "Islam and Politics" at the University of Münster, which is docked to the Centre for Islamic Theology. The centre is headed by Mouhanad Khorchide, who is also Chairman of the DPI's Academic Advisory Board. The focus of the new centre in Germany is on the active participation of Muslims in shaping and regulating society, culture, state and politics. There was also an exchange with the educational initiative "Teach for Austria" in Vienna, which is actively committed to the future of children and young people through a fellowship programme, for example. During the discussion, DPI Director Lisa Fellhofer focused in particular on the radicalisation of pupils on various social media channels.

Forschungsstelle „Islam und Politik“

Podiumsdiskussion zur Eröffnung der neuen Forschungsstelle „Islam und Politik“

Teach for Austria

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