DPI Study on the IGMG and its Structures in Europe

The Islamic Community Milli Görüş - Emergence and Transformation of the Mainstream of Turkish Islamism.

The current study analyzes the origins and ideology of the Islamic Community Millî Görüş (IGMG). Published by the Austrian Fund for the Documentation of Religiously Motivated Political Extremism (Documentation Centre Political Islam), the publication also examines the development, structures and networks of the organization - which has its roots in Turkish Islamism - in several European states. In addition, transnationalization, confederative centralism and the veneration of the controversial founder Necmettin Erbakan are discussed in detail. Austria can be considered one of the focal countries in the IGMG's worldwide network because of its broad organizational base. In this country, the organization's regional representation is exercised by the Islamic Federations in Vienna, Upper Austria and Vorarlberg. In the current situation, the federation is undergoing conditional change.

"The study traces how the IGMG's ideology fluctuates between worldview and world conspiracy. The organization's outwardly colocated change is to be measured by whether the movement can get rid of the Islamist underbelly stemming from earlier years," says Lisa Fellhofer, director of the Documentation Center Political Islam.

Ideologization of people of Turkish origin in Europe

The IGMG network is characterized by numerous political and religious connections across Europe. The focus of the transnational organization is on the ideologization of people of Turkish origin in Europe. A central element is, among other things, the work with children and young people, which is promoted in particular through the organization's own educational and counseling centers. Despite a dynamic development process, parts of the IGMG still propagate a problematic and in part anti-Semitic worldview that can divide society. At a conference in Vienna in 2022, Bekir Altaş, as secretary-general of the IGMG, made people sit up and take notice by saying that he considered Hamas to be a terrorist organization. Although Altaş hinted at a realignment, he is no longer in office.

Die Islamische Gemeinschaft Milli Görüş: Geschichte, Ideologie, Organisation und gegenwärtige Situation

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